When the weather has a different idea for your shoot -

Now that the Winter weather has finally decided to arrive, I was inspired to shoot some of my favourite girls winter pieces this season. I teamed up with Bambolotta Kids in Geelong to put together some gorgeous little outfits. 

Shoot day certainly delivered with the Winter aspect! 

I had spent the day before scouting Geelong for a cute little alleyway and had found the perfect spot for what I had in mind for the shoot. However, on the day of the shoot it rained and rained and rained. It was constant, and there was no sign of it easing any time soon. A quick last minute decision about the location had to be made, and we found somewhere around the corner with the tiniest bit of shelter. 

I’d written my rough shot list, which was rendered pretty useless with the rain, and we very much winged it all on the day. 

A MASSIVE thankyou to Bambolotta Kids, my assistant Courtney and the supermums who braved the weather for me! Plus our gorgeous little models Maya and Edie who didn’t seem to mind the rain in the slightest :) 

Maya wears Dig denim Maddison jeans, Scotch R’Belle AOP flower top and Acorn copenhagen headwrap in charcoal. 
Edie wears Missie Munster Princess Dress and Acorn Helsinki beanie in mustard. 

This gorgeous little poncho was a hit, especially in the downpour we received. 

Peggy Fifi poncho - also available in raincoat. 

Edie is wearing Missie Munster Princess Dress and Acorn Helsinki beanie and leg warmers in mustard. 
Maya wears Scotch R’Belle dress and Acorn Ava floppy hat in burgandy (my outfit pick for the day! So bloody cute!)

It was such a frantic morning trying to sort the outfit changes and at the same time limit the amount of time the girls spent running out in the rain. The shoot was certainly nothing that I had pre visualised, but I actually love the unplanned spur of the moment images we got out in the rain! 

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