Pop up studio at Swagger Child Design Market

So I’m going back in the archives for my first few posts as previously mentioned, I have a random collection of images on my desktop that have been sitting there for months (some have been there for years.) Some people might call it hoarding, I call it creative accumulation. 
I was pretty excited to be asked to join the Swagger team, and host the pop up studio at their October market. I decided to get in early for Christmas and go with a Christmas theme and include Christmas cards in the package. 

I had a few test shoots and had a play around with layout and crop (turns out horizontal wasn’t going to fit in the space I was allowed for the market) So had to change to a square crop. 

I had a massive fangirl moment at the market when I got to photograph The Young Mummy’s adorable little boy Bobby. Quite possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been for a photoshoot in my life. But obviously Bobby was a little superstar and made my day, week, month, 2015. No big deal. 

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