Come one, come all!

So I’ve had the idea of shooting at an amusement park for a long time now, and an online magazine was calling for submissions so I sent in my concept brief. They were really excited about it, so I set about sourcing outfits, models, location etc. In the end they didn’t end up running it which was disappointing. Also awkward. Lets never talk about that again. 

My first and most obvious idea for location was Luna Park, but after getting in touch and discovering their hefty location hire fee I immediately gave up on that idea. I found another smaller amusement park in Melbourne and set my sights on that. 

I got in touch with a family friend to see if one of her sons would be keen to model for me, and she consequently found me two of his little friends who were also keen. Perfect. 

I then got in touch with Bambolotta Kids in Geelong ( ) and they were nice enough to provide us with clothing for the shoot. I teamed up again with stylist Stephanie Breen and we spent a fair bit of time putting together a few different outfit combinations.

A bit of searching Pinterest and I had a great little collection of Inspiration pieces and wrote up my own shot list. 

On shoot day we were allowed to enter the park before opening hours and the kids had the whole park to themselves. They were excited and extra energetic! A very hectic morning running around after 3 kids and before I knew it the park was being opened to the public which meant it was time for us to finish up. Such a fun and crazy shoot, I absolutely love going over the images remembering how excited the kids were. 

Dream Boat

I was approached by stylist Stephanie Breen to photograph her idea for a series called Dream Boat. Her mood board was amazing, and I wanted to be involved straight away! 

The location was just perfect, and up there with my favourite shoots on location ever.
Unfortunately the weather turned on us and it was cold, windy and miserable. Our model Meg was a bloody superstar, and braved the conditions like it was no problem at all.  

love love love 

Down at the Christmas Tree Farm

Mum had found an idea for these Christmas trees on Pinterest to decorate our space for lunch on Christmas Day. Obviously Dad the handyman was keen for another project and whipped up a few of them. And obviously I was keen to steal them to use as props for a Christmas shoot. 

Mum and Dad helped me with this very last minute shoot (“just a little to the left, actually no, put it back where it was”) And these photos have been sitting on my desktop ever since. Thanks Mum and Dad!

Pop up studio at Swagger Child Design Market

So I’m going back in the archives for my first few posts as previously mentioned, I have a random collection of images on my desktop that have been sitting there for months (some have been there for years.) Some people might call it hoarding, I call it creative accumulation. 
I was pretty excited to be asked to join the Swagger team, and host the pop up studio at their October market. I decided to get in early for Christmas and go with a Christmas theme and include Christmas cards in the package. 

I had a few test shoots and had a play around with layout and crop (turns out horizontal wasn’t going to fit in the space I was allowed for the market) So had to change to a square crop. 

I had a massive fangirl moment at the market when I got to photograph The Young Mummy’s adorable little boy Bobby. Quite possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been for a photoshoot in my life. But obviously Bobby was a little superstar and made my day, week, month, 2015. No big deal. 

My Digital Visual Diary

Throughout Uni we were always encouraged to keep a Visual Diary which I personally loved. I had a habit of collecting random magazine articles and advertisements, clothing tags, or catalogs I found inspiring. These would just form small piles around my house, and once I was told I had to keep this Visual Diary it all just kind of fell into place. Instead of annoying little piles everywhere, I now had a place to keep them all in the one place. duh. 

I still keep up the habit of sticking inspirational bits and pieces into my diary every so often and actually find it quite relaxing. I stick in anything from inspirational pieces, to works in progress and final photo shoots I’ve worked on. I love going back and seeing where an idea started, and how it evolved over time. Its also great to go back on for ideas for future shoots. 

Now I find myself with random piles of inspirational photos and articles on my computer desktop which just sit there for months and months, with no real end place in mind. So after a long time of toying with the idea of a blog, I’ve finally taken the leap. I have so many fun behind the scenes photos from shoots that never see the light of day, they just lurk around on my desktop or fade deep into my camera roll. So now, here it is. My place to share behind the scenes photos. My place to share the props I buy, the props I re-construct, the props I make myself. My place to share my pitiful sketches and shot lists. My place to share my mood boards and inspirations. My place to share my location scouts. All in the one nice and tidy collection x

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