“What should we wear?”

One of the main questions I get in the lead up to a family session is “What should we wear?!” So I’ve decided to lay it all down for you. Here is what can make the difference between some amazing family photos and your future grandkids laughing at photos of you from back in the day.

These images below are proudly hung up at my Mum and Dads place. My sisters and I all had a photoshoot to mark the momentous occasion of us reaching the age of 10. Yes, that is me in a collar popping pose.

But looking past how fly 10 year old Sophie was, I’m pretty impressed with Mum’s choice of clothing. I mean, my beige cargo pants aren’t so on trend anymore, but they go well with the denim (and the pants aren’t fully visible in this photo. I won’t show you any of the full length photos.) But, for the most part, these images are pretty timeless. 

So that is the first thing to consider in trying to decide what to wear for family photos. I want you to keep in mind that we want these photos to date as little as possible. Things that date the easiest? Slogans, brands and busy ‘on trend’ patterns. Try and avoid these at all costs. Imagine having to look back on your family photos in 30 years and your brother is wearing a fully sick Mambo tee with a pooshooter on it. Don’t hurt your family like that. 

Now onto colour co-ordinating. As a general rule, neutrals are best. Working with white, cream, brown, black and grey are a good starting point. And for me, I like to include blue. Denim, navy and all shades of blue are neutrals in my book. 

These are some examples of a good classic blue and white. It doesn’t have to be boring - you can use all different tones of blue to mix it up. Navy, light blue, royal, denim all mixed in with a bit of white. 

My next example is starting with the base of blue and white with just a pop of colour. The pink splashes in Amahli’s dress and Ayla’s pink necklace and hair clip. Just a little bit of colour but still co-ordinating as well. 

This next example is more than just a small splash of colour. You can see these families are all wearing different tones of blue and white, and then theres one statement outfit. It is purely coincidence that these examples I found all used red/orange as that statement piece. 

This is another favourite combination of mine. All neutrals in my book - white, brown and blue. 

Now to go into colour a little bit more. We’re heading back to High school art class and learning the colour wheel. Anyone else find it interesting? Or just me?

Complimentary colours are colours that are opposite each other on the wheel eg; red and green. Here’s two examples where families have used the complimentary colours blue and orange (in different tones) and mixed it with a few neutrals as well. Don’t feel like everyone has to be wearing these colours. As you can see, Melissa is in a white top and jeans, and Armi is wearing a grey jumper. Neutrals can fill the gaps. 

Now onto analogous colours. These are two or three colours that sit next to each other on the wheel. You can see in the example this family has used pinks and purples and Sadie the little cutie is in a neutral white dress. 

Triadic colours are next and they are 3 colours that are equal in distance to each other on the wheel. I’m afraid I couldn’t find any of my families to use as examples of this, so I found a random girl on the internet to show you. If you’re brave enough to be that family to use as my example, please give me a call! 

So thats it! It doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. If you start by picking a few items out of yours and your families wardrobe and laying them down on the bed to see what works with each other. You can always add a bit of colour with your accessories to tie the outfits together. 

I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration and helped ease the panic of choosing your outfits!

Sophie x 

My new found hobby of Food Styling

One of my goals for this year was to have more of a go at food styling and photography. I’ve never really had the patience for still life photography, but theres just something different about playing around with food and different ingredients and arranging them beautifully. 

I’ve been a follower of the Instagram page Creatively Squared for a while now, and this year I decided I would use their weekly challenges as inspiration for a food themed styling session. I’ve participated most weeks, and I’m loving the different themes and the different ways they can be interpreted. 

It’s also giving me a pretty good reason to get in to the kitchen and experiment a bit with a few different things. Nothing too exciting yet, but I have just had my first attempt at hot cross buns for this weeks challenge Egg Hunt. The whole kneading the dough part went really well. Such a natural. However the cross part of my hot cross buns wasn’t exactly as the pictures had shown. Fingers crossed for them to at least taste alright. 

In hindsight, my mixture for the crosses was probably a bit too runny. Just maybe. When I pulled them out of the oven the dough had soaked up all of the cross, and they were just plain buns. How unfortunate for a photo shoot where the hot cross bun is the star of the show. I just put a little bit more on once they were out of the oven and prayed the heat of them would maybe harden it up a bit. Not so much, but oh well. There were a lot of dodgy ones I could eat straight from the oven as there was noo way I could have included them in the shot, ha! Nothing better! 

Happy Easter to you all xx


The idea for this shoot has been a long time in the works. 

I’d fallen in love with a faux fur bonnet I’d found on Instagram by Hide and Cotton, now known as Native Fable, but unfortunately they don’t ship to Australia due to the lack of tracking available. I could however, take advantage of my friend living in Canada and get it shipped to her. Free accommodation in Whistler and a place to get parcels delivered?! I knew I stayed friends with Emily for a reason! So anyway, the release for the bonnets was at 2am Aus time, so I set my alarm (dedication) and was lucky enough to score one of the bonnets in the restock. 

I already had my little model Olivia sorted. I had first photographed her last year at The Little Runway, Kids Fashion Week and she was just gorgeous.

I got in touch with Shan at Little Schnucki who was nice enough to send us an outfit for the shoot. It was absolutely perfect! It matched the bonnet so well, I couldn’t stop smiling on that delivery day, it was just beautiful! 

The location scouting took me a little while. After checking out a few of the larger park areas west of the city, I came across this random little spot across from a walking track which was perfect!

The weather in the leadup to shoot day had been a bit questionable, but the weather held out for us. We had just the right amount of sunshine, which made it look alot warmer than it actually was. Olivia was a little superstar and didn’t let the cold affect her. She continued to work it like the little pro she is while I was dressed in much warmer clothing. 

All in all, I couldn’t have been happier with this shoot! After such a long time thinking about it, it was so great to finally put it all together. Olivia’s photos got picked up by Kid Model Magazine for the 2017 calendar which was very exciting! 

Melbourne School of Styling

I recently took part in a styling class held by stylist extraordinaire Bianca Christoff at the Melbourne School of Styling. It was held over two Saturdays and it was so great to be back in a classroom and learning new skills. 

We went through Bianca’s extensive portfolio ranging from fashion, food and interiors, and how the design elements and principles had been applied to each extremely well thought out shot. We learnt about the essentials for any stylists kit, and why a loaf of white bread might come in handy for a males underwear campaign. Hint, its not for snacking on ;)

The real fun came when we were handed a brief to prepare for the following week for 3 different ‘clients’ with the task to style an image for Food, Fashion and Product. I honestly had the best week coming up with ideas, sourcing backgrounds and finding props to support my three different themes. 

In class the second week I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Tatiana C C Scott who had come in to photograph some behind the scenes photos. Tatiana has kindly shared her photos with me to accompany my blog :)

My first flatlay was Fashion and it was a Summer inspired beachside theme, with some gorgeous little baby onesies supplied by Sunday the Label. I was planning on just the one flatlay, but ended up styling 3 different images with the guidance of Bianca. 

The next was my Product shot, and I had chosen to work with Frank Body scrub - a delicious coffee based skincare range. Halfway through executing my idea, Bianca, Tatiana and myself all agreed the shot needed an element to help show that the product was in fact a body scrub. A quick trip down to the pharmacy and I had a scrubbing brush and a body sponge to add to the image. 

My last was my Food shot, and it was a bit rushed as we were quickly running out of time. With help from Bianca we put together the idea I had in my head for my cake image. 

My final images are below. I’m super stoked with them all and I loved being pushed to explore and create more than I originally thought I could. I couldn’t recommend Bianca or this class more highly, I had the most inspiring time! 

Bec Jacobson

Meet my good friend Bec. She is an incredibly talented watercolourist. And Graphic Designer. And Illustrator. With the best laugh. She masters it all and I recently caught up with her so that I could rifle through her beautiful folio pages and find out a bit more about how she came to be creating all this amazing work that I love to stalk so much.  

Bec first started her sketches and drawings throughout High School where she would really concentrate on improving her textures and shading. In Year 12 she created a massive mixed media collage for Studio Arts where she was inspired by abstract artist Jackson Pollock. She really enjoyed the process and decided to take her work further. 

Bec studied Graphic Design at Holmesglen Institute and while everyone was turning to Adobe Illustrator to create vector images for an assignment, Bec was inspired by Kelly Smith (also known as Birdy and Me) and decided to create a watercolour painting instead. She found she loved the art form, and started to study up on all the watercolour artists she could find. 

Having found her passion of watercolour, Bec now works on creating commissioned pieces for clients (my Gift Vouchers and a few advertisements of mine have all been produced by her!) as well as her signature Cityscapes and World Maps. 
When starting a large scale piece, like one of her World Maps, Bec starts off with a large window or lightbox to trace the outlines of the countries. She then masks down all edges of the paper to prevent the paper from buckling when the water hits it. 
She doesn’t really work towards a colour scheme, instead uses different colours over all the continents. Bec likes to put the water on the paper first, then apply the paint. This allows her to slowly build up the strength of each colour and water down others. One of these big babies pictured below would take Bec around 1.5-2 hours to complete. Any mistakes made throughout the process are easy to blot away; adding to the list of reasons as to why watercolour is one of Bec’s favourite mediums. 

Bec has recently started experimenting with acrylic inks and abstract acrylic canvas paintings on a larger scale. She is also currently collaborating with fashion photographer David Higgs on a floral watercolour background to be added to a portrait series of his. I’ve seen the work in progress, and I’m honestly so excited to see the finished product. 
Follow Bec’s work on Instagram @becmaree_art and you’ll get lost in a sea of dreamy watercolour creations, abstract experiments, beautiful colour combinations and see whats next for this talented babe x

Miss Krissy Tee

Let me introduce to you, the amazing Miss Krissy Tee. A self taught artist with a floristry background, who is now creating bespoke headpieces that will stop you in your tracks. 

This wonderful lady’s work has intrigued me for a while now and as part of my new series exploring different creative industries and all the amazing makers and creators out there, I decided to reach out to her to see if she would be interested in being interviewed and photographed for my blog. Imagine my excitement when she replied with ‘Sounds ACE! I’M IN!!!’

We spent Saturday morning drinking coffee and chatting about each others work and it was such an inspiring insight into the process, the materials, and all the effort that is involved in this beautiful art form.

To say I was blown away when she bought out her pieces would be an understatement. With each piece more beautiful and different than the last, I was honestly like a child in a candy shop, they just kept on coming! I could have spent all day looking at all the finer details and effort that had gone into each piece, but I didn’t want to take up her entiiiire day. 

Its obvious to see that Krissy’s work is embedded in her everyday family life. Her passion for what she does is so supported by her family, with her 10 year old daughter Layla pointing out her favourite pieces of her Mums work to me. 
Their living area is her studio where she works. Her family eat dinner around works in progress on the kitchen table and her headpieces are all on display in their loungeroom. It was so refreshing to see, and so inspiring to see this pride in her work. 

Krissy is very lucky in that she gets given a lot of materials to work with. She has very thoughtful friends and family that are constantly on the look out and collecting things for her that fit with her style. Her favourite materials to work with are all organic and natural pieces. Think bones, furs, botanic matter, feathers and taxidermy. 

Krissy usually finds inspiration from the materials she already has on hand (you should see her stash!) and starts with a shape in mind for the headpiece and slowly works towards that. New techniques or materials that she wants to experiment with also inspire her to create new pieces.

Working towards a clients brief would usually start with them sending through an inspirational photo, and then Krissy would sketch 4 different options using elements from this, helping the client decide on what shape they would like. She then gets to work, with each piece taking between 3-10 hours to complete. 

I asked Krissy if there were any pieces that she got too attached to, something that she would never sell. She then bought out a beautiful piece that had special feathers that were given to her by a close friend. Or a piece that she made for herself to wear to a festival, and every time she looks at it the memories of that day come flooding back in. Thats the beautiful thing about her work, there is so much love and attention paid to each piece and it truly shows. One of my favourites was this floral and fauna headpiece. Every piece, from the gumnuts, bits of wood and moss covered twigs were collected while she was out walking her dog. Such a gorgeous concept, and definitely one of my favourites. 

Krissy’s pieces are available for hire, and she is now starting to offer intensive one day workshops where she will teach participants to create 3 of her most popular pieces. To find out more, check out her Facebook page Miss Krissy Tee for details on how to sign up and have the honour of learning from the master. 

When the weather has a different idea for your shoot -

Now that the Winter weather has finally decided to arrive, I was inspired to shoot some of my favourite girls winter pieces this season. I teamed up with Bambolotta Kids in Geelong to put together some gorgeous little outfits. 

Shoot day certainly delivered with the Winter aspect! 

I had spent the day before scouting Geelong for a cute little alleyway and had found the perfect spot for what I had in mind for the shoot. However, on the day of the shoot it rained and rained and rained. It was constant, and there was no sign of it easing any time soon. A quick last minute decision about the location had to be made, and we found somewhere around the corner with the tiniest bit of shelter. 

I’d written my rough shot list, which was rendered pretty useless with the rain, and we very much winged it all on the day. 

A MASSIVE thankyou to Bambolotta Kids, my assistant Courtney and the supermums who braved the weather for me! Plus our gorgeous little models Maya and Edie who didn’t seem to mind the rain in the slightest :) 

Maya wears Dig denim Maddison jeans, Scotch R’Belle AOP flower top and Acorn copenhagen headwrap in charcoal. 
Edie wears Missie Munster Princess Dress and Acorn Helsinki beanie in mustard. 

This gorgeous little poncho was a hit, especially in the downpour we received. 

Peggy Fifi poncho - also available in raincoat. 

Edie is wearing Missie Munster Princess Dress and Acorn Helsinki beanie and leg warmers in mustard. 
Maya wears Scotch R’Belle dress and Acorn Ava floppy hat in burgandy (my outfit pick for the day! So bloody cute!)

It was such a frantic morning trying to sort the outfit changes and at the same time limit the amount of time the girls spent running out in the rain. The shoot was certainly nothing that I had pre visualised, but I actually love the unplanned spur of the moment images we got out in the rain! 

Nate’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash

I recently got asked to photograph a cake smash for Nate’s first birthday. I photographed Nate 12 months ago when he was born, so this was a special shoot for me to work on. His Mum sent through some reference pictures of what she had in mind and I set about finding some props. 

Since I didn’t have any bunting, I set my Mum the task of making some in different shades of blue (she was bored, I swear!)

‘Creatively Baked Colac’ made us a gorgeous vanilla cupcake cake and it fit perfectly with the rest of our setup. 

With a little help from his Mum and his sister who insisted on ‘just standing here’ Nate was a bit unsure about the cake to start off with, but he soon realised it was too delicious to just leave sitting there. 

HAPPY 1st Birthday Nate! xx

The girl in the leaf crown

I have a love of interesting millinery. I can roughly trace this back to seeing the work of Mr Wood’s Millinery at London Fashion Week back in 2012. Think taxidermy cross millinery. Amazing. 

This little crush constantly sits at the back of my mind, and any type of headwear is quick to jump out at me. So with the leaves slowly changing with the season, I decided to make my own crown using autumn leaves. #crafternoon

My cousin Hannah (a hairdresser) had also just dyed her hair grey and I was keen to photograph her before she changed her hair again.

Game, Set, Match

Shooting on a tennis court has been on my list for a while now, and with the whole of Australia going tennis crazy around the excitement of the Australian Open I decided to finally do the shoot. 

Plus, this song was constantly on repeat in my head. 

Again, I had a bit of an idea of what I wanted but I scoured Pinterest for some more inspiration (you can check out the rest of my board by clicking on the Pinterest link in the bottom left hand corner)

I styled the whole shoot myself which I really loved doing. My little model Lucy, absolutely killing it. 

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