Nate’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash

I recently got asked to photograph a cake smash for Nate’s first birthday. I photographed Nate 12 months ago when he was born, so this was a special shoot for me to work on. His Mum sent through some reference pictures of what she had in mind and I set about finding some props. 

Since I didn’t have any bunting, I set my Mum the task of making some in different shades of blue (she was bored, I swear!)

‘Creatively Baked Colac’ made us a gorgeous vanilla cupcake cake and it fit perfectly with the rest of our setup. 

With a little help from his Mum and his sister who insisted on ‘just standing here’ Nate was a bit unsure about the cake to start off with, but he soon realised it was too delicious to just leave sitting there. 

HAPPY 1st Birthday Nate! xx

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