My Digital Visual Diary

Throughout Uni we were always encouraged to keep a Visual Diary which I personally loved. I had a habit of collecting random magazine articles and advertisements, clothing tags, or catalogs I found inspiring. These would just form small piles around my house, and once I was told I had to keep this Visual Diary it all just kind of fell into place. Instead of annoying little piles everywhere, I now had a place to keep them all in the one place. duh. 

I still keep up the habit of sticking inspirational bits and pieces into my diary every so often and actually find it quite relaxing. I stick in anything from inspirational pieces, to works in progress and final photo shoots I’ve worked on. I love going back and seeing where an idea started, and how it evolved over time. Its also great to go back on for ideas for future shoots. 

Now I find myself with random piles of inspirational photos and articles on my computer desktop which just sit there for months and months, with no real end place in mind. So after a long time of toying with the idea of a blog, I’ve finally taken the leap. I have so many fun behind the scenes photos from shoots that never see the light of day, they just lurk around on my desktop or fade deep into my camera roll. So now, here it is. My place to share behind the scenes photos. My place to share the props I buy, the props I re-construct, the props I make myself. My place to share my pitiful sketches and shot lists. My place to share my mood boards and inspirations. My place to share my location scouts. All in the one nice and tidy collection x

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