Miss Krissy Tee

Let me introduce to you, the amazing Miss Krissy Tee. A self taught artist with a floristry background, who is now creating bespoke headpieces that will stop you in your tracks. 

This wonderful lady’s work has intrigued me for a while now and as part of my new series exploring different creative industries and all the amazing makers and creators out there, I decided to reach out to her to see if she would be interested in being interviewed and photographed for my blog. Imagine my excitement when she replied with ‘Sounds ACE! I’M IN!!!’

We spent Saturday morning drinking coffee and chatting about each others work and it was such an inspiring insight into the process, the materials, and all the effort that is involved in this beautiful art form.

To say I was blown away when she bought out her pieces would be an understatement. With each piece more beautiful and different than the last, I was honestly like a child in a candy shop, they just kept on coming! I could have spent all day looking at all the finer details and effort that had gone into each piece, but I didn’t want to take up her entiiiire day. 

Its obvious to see that Krissy’s work is embedded in her everyday family life. Her passion for what she does is so supported by her family, with her 10 year old daughter Layla pointing out her favourite pieces of her Mums work to me. 
Their living area is her studio where she works. Her family eat dinner around works in progress on the kitchen table and her headpieces are all on display in their loungeroom. It was so refreshing to see, and so inspiring to see this pride in her work. 

Krissy is very lucky in that she gets given a lot of materials to work with. She has very thoughtful friends and family that are constantly on the look out and collecting things for her that fit with her style. Her favourite materials to work with are all organic and natural pieces. Think bones, furs, botanic matter, feathers and taxidermy. 

Krissy usually finds inspiration from the materials she already has on hand (you should see her stash!) and starts with a shape in mind for the headpiece and slowly works towards that. New techniques or materials that she wants to experiment with also inspire her to create new pieces.

Working towards a clients brief would usually start with them sending through an inspirational photo, and then Krissy would sketch 4 different options using elements from this, helping the client decide on what shape they would like. She then gets to work, with each piece taking between 3-10 hours to complete. 

I asked Krissy if there were any pieces that she got too attached to, something that she would never sell. She then bought out a beautiful piece that had special feathers that were given to her by a close friend. Or a piece that she made for herself to wear to a festival, and every time she looks at it the memories of that day come flooding back in. Thats the beautiful thing about her work, there is so much love and attention paid to each piece and it truly shows. One of my favourites was this floral and fauna headpiece. Every piece, from the gumnuts, bits of wood and moss covered twigs were collected while she was out walking her dog. Such a gorgeous concept, and definitely one of my favourites. 

Krissy’s pieces are available for hire, and she is now starting to offer intensive one day workshops where she will teach participants to create 3 of her most popular pieces. To find out more, check out her Facebook page Miss Krissy Tee for details on how to sign up and have the honour of learning from the master. 

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