My new found hobby of Food Styling

One of my goals for this year was to have more of a go at food styling and photography. I’ve never really had the patience for still life photography, but theres just something different about playing around with food and different ingredients and arranging them beautifully. 

I’ve been a follower of the Instagram page Creatively Squared for a while now, and this year I decided I would use their weekly challenges as inspiration for a food themed styling session. I’ve participated most weeks, and I’m loving the different themes and the different ways they can be interpreted. 

It’s also giving me a pretty good reason to get in to the kitchen and experiment a bit with a few different things. Nothing too exciting yet, but I have just had my first attempt at hot cross buns for this weeks challenge Egg Hunt. The whole kneading the dough part went really well. Such a natural. However the cross part of my hot cross buns wasn’t exactly as the pictures had shown. Fingers crossed for them to at least taste alright. 

In hindsight, my mixture for the crosses was probably a bit too runny. Just maybe. When I pulled them out of the oven the dough had soaked up all of the cross, and they were just plain buns. How unfortunate for a photo shoot where the hot cross bun is the star of the show. I just put a little bit more on once they were out of the oven and prayed the heat of them would maybe harden it up a bit. Not so much, but oh well. There were a lot of dodgy ones I could eat straight from the oven as there was noo way I could have included them in the shot, ha! Nothing better! 

Happy Easter to you all xx

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