Come one, come all!

So I’ve had the idea of shooting at an amusement park for a long time now, and an online magazine was calling for submissions so I sent in my concept brief. They were really excited about it, so I set about sourcing outfits, models, location etc. In the end they didn’t end up running it which was disappointing. Also awkward. Lets never talk about that again. 

My first and most obvious idea for location was Luna Park, but after getting in touch and discovering their hefty location hire fee I immediately gave up on that idea. I found another smaller amusement park in Melbourne and set my sights on that. 

I got in touch with a family friend to see if one of her sons would be keen to model for me, and she consequently found me two of his little friends who were also keen. Perfect. 

I then got in touch with Bambolotta Kids in Geelong ( ) and they were nice enough to provide us with clothing for the shoot. I teamed up again with stylist Stephanie Breen and we spent a fair bit of time putting together a few different outfit combinations.

A bit of searching Pinterest and I had a great little collection of Inspiration pieces and wrote up my own shot list. 

On shoot day we were allowed to enter the park before opening hours and the kids had the whole park to themselves. They were excited and extra energetic! A very hectic morning running around after 3 kids and before I knew it the park was being opened to the public which meant it was time for us to finish up. Such a fun and crazy shoot, I absolutely love going over the images remembering how excited the kids were. 

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