Bec Jacobson

Meet my good friend Bec. She is an incredibly talented watercolourist. And Graphic Designer. And Illustrator. With the best laugh. She masters it all and I recently caught up with her so that I could rifle through her beautiful folio pages and find out a bit more about how she came to be creating all this amazing work that I love to stalk so much.  

Bec first started her sketches and drawings throughout High School where she would really concentrate on improving her textures and shading. In Year 12 she created a massive mixed media collage for Studio Arts where she was inspired by abstract artist Jackson Pollock. She really enjoyed the process and decided to take her work further. 

Bec studied Graphic Design at Holmesglen Institute and while everyone was turning to Adobe Illustrator to create vector images for an assignment, Bec was inspired by Kelly Smith (also known as Birdy and Me) and decided to create a watercolour painting instead. She found she loved the art form, and started to study up on all the watercolour artists she could find. 

Having found her passion of watercolour, Bec now works on creating commissioned pieces for clients (my Gift Vouchers and a few advertisements of mine have all been produced by her!) as well as her signature Cityscapes and World Maps. 
When starting a large scale piece, like one of her World Maps, Bec starts off with a large window or lightbox to trace the outlines of the countries. She then masks down all edges of the paper to prevent the paper from buckling when the water hits it. 
She doesn’t really work towards a colour scheme, instead uses different colours over all the continents. Bec likes to put the water on the paper first, then apply the paint. This allows her to slowly build up the strength of each colour and water down others. One of these big babies pictured below would take Bec around 1.5-2 hours to complete. Any mistakes made throughout the process are easy to blot away; adding to the list of reasons as to why watercolour is one of Bec’s favourite mediums. 

Bec has recently started experimenting with acrylic inks and abstract acrylic canvas paintings on a larger scale. She is also currently collaborating with fashion photographer David Higgs on a floral watercolour background to be added to a portrait series of his. I’ve seen the work in progress, and I’m honestly so excited to see the finished product. 
Follow Bec’s work on Instagram @becmaree_art and you’ll get lost in a sea of dreamy watercolour creations, abstract experiments, beautiful colour combinations and see whats next for this talented babe x

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